WILQ Fishin', Fashion and Free Money Key Song of the Day Winners! 

Each listener has won a key registration card and $105.00 in cash!

contest rules


Sherry Fay of Williamsport


Roberta Kohler of Linden


Melanie Saltsgiver of Hughesville


Kasey Roedts of Montoursville


Dalyn Hornberger of Watsontown


Ann Haag of Williamsport

Greg Thomas Sr. of Watsontown

Ronald Michaels of Williamsport

Jane Bitler of Muncy

Dale Holocomb Jr. of South Williamsport

Shawna Bartholomew of Cogan Station

Scott Wheeland of Cogan Station


Trudy Walters of Hughesville


Suzie Barton of Williamsport

Patty Zerbe of McElhattan

Terry Brehm of Muncy

Mary Eiswerth of Williamsport

Brenda Foust of Milton


John McKinney Jr. of Williamsport

Andy Coup of Williamsport

Eugene Shoemaker of Watsontown

Karen Richie of New Columbia

Brenda Cromley of Williamsport

Robert Baier of Watsontown

Donna Fox of Williamsport


Donna Hornberger of Williamsport

Bryan Sean of Cogan Station

Josh Trego of Williamsport


Danielle Confer of Turbotville


Barbara Hakes of Cogan Station

John Sprout II of Picture Rocks


Teri Piktel of Williamsport

Heather Fox of Newberry

Sonia Smith of Muncy

Greg Schell of Muncy

Charles Klemick of Williamsport

Issac Pennington of Cogan Station

John Hamilton of Hughesville

Logan McHenry of Muncy

Pam Vargason of Trout Run

Ralph Tubbs of South Williamsport

Steven Millheim of Williamsport

Cliff Bower, Jr. of Williamsport

Jan Way of Williamsport

Michael Hersh of Williamsport

Erik Stroble of Williamsport

Shirley Fink of Cogan Station

Rhonda Bodle of Williamsport

Debra Bennett of Muncy

Randy Buss of Muncy

David Reese of Muncy

Kenneth Kitner of Elimsport

Dana Williams of Williamsport

Harold Manley of Williamsport

David Vollman of Trout Run

Darlene Williams of Williamsport

Michelle McGinness of Lock Haven

Tracy Blaker of Montgomery

Chris Harper of Montgomery

Kassie Boudman of Muncy

Cody McFadden of Montoursville

Crystal Martin of Williamsport

Mark Simmons of Muncy

Chris May of Hughesville

Marie Kriner of Williamsport

James Blackwell of Picture Rocks

Mitch Morgan of Unityville

Mike McHenry of Montgomery

Daniel Miller of Hughesville

Connie Getgen of Muncy

Tina M. Laboy of Williamsport