Official Contest Rules


Updated 9/12/2018

  1. Unless specifically stated otherwise, contestants must be eighteen (18) years of age or older in order to participate in any Backyard Broadcasting PA, LLC contest.
  2. No purchase is necessary for anyone to participate in any Backyard Broadcasting PA, LLC contest.
  3. All mail-in/fax-in entries are selected by random drawing.
  4. All prizes will be presented to the prize winner unless otherwise stated in the rules. Cash will not be substituted for the prize(s).
  5. Backyard Broadcasting PA, LLC is not responsible for prizes that are lost or delayed due to delays with the U.S. Postal Service or other carrier services.
  6. Employees and their immediate families of Backyard Broadcasting PA, LLC and its agencies, as well as clients and their immediate families sponsoring a specific contest, are not eligible to win.
  7. Winners are responsible for all applicable taxes and fees.
  8. Winners have thirty (30) days from the day they win to pick up their prize(s) at the offices of Backyard Broadcasting PA, LLC, 1685 Four Mile Drive, Williamsport, PA unless otherwise stated in the specific contest rules. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. If prize(s) are not picked up, winner will forfeit all claims to prize(s).
  9. By accepting the prize(s), the winner gives consent to Backyard Broadcasting PA, LLC to use the winner’s name, photographs, voice, physical location and prize information for promotional purposes and without further compensation.
  10. Winners may not make substitutions on dates, times, and/or destinations required to accept the prize(s) being awarded in any Backyard Broadcasting PA, LLC contest.
  11. Winners of prizes with a value of six hundred U.S. dollars ($600.00) or more will be obligated to sign and return an affidavit of eligibility and to provide their social security/tax identification number before receiving the prize(s). Failure to comply with any requirements of these rules will result in the winning entrant being deemed ineligible for the prize.
    1.  Winners of any cash prize will be obligated to produce their address and social security number. This is for clerical purposes only. Failure to comply with this request will result in the winning entrant being deemed ineligible for the cash prize.
    2. In the event the prize is a firearm, the Winner MUST legally be able to own a firearm per state and federal laws and regulations, and pass a background check in order to redeem the firearm in Pennsylvania. If the Winner is unable or unwilling to comply, there will be no substitute prize(s) awarded.
  12. Backyard Broadcasting PA, LLC, parent company of WILQ, WZXR/WCXR, WLMY, WBZD, and WWPA, reserves the right to make final determination on the eligibility of all winners.
  13. Some contests may have additional rules which will be added at the discretion of Backyard Broadcasting PA, LLC’s Management.
  14. In all Backyard Broadcasting PA, LLC contests, the decision of the judges is final.
  15. Backyard Broadcasting PA, LLC retains the right to add or modify any rule for any contest at anytime.
  16. Time Delay Between Over-the-Air Analog and/or HD Signal and Other Signal Delivery: Due to the time delay that exists between the Station’s analog over-the-air and/or HD signal and the Station’s online webcast, listeners who listen to the Station online may hear Contest information or a cue to call later than listeners listening to the Station’s analog over-the-air and/or HD signal. As a result, the odds of an online listener winning this Contest may be diminished.