Amy Lazer


Amy Lazar
Amy Lazer was bred and buttered right here in the Susquehanna Valley and grew up riding in the back bed of a pickup truck listening to old Charlie Daniels and a young Dolly Parton. (That was back in the day when parents thought that if you were dumb enough to fall out of the bed of a pickup truck, you probably didn't deserve the life they gave you.)

How Amy survived childhood is still a mystery but she was just a green teen when she first went LIVE on WILQ. (You probably don't remember that because it was before Electricity.)

In her early 20's, Amy left home to graduate from a Film School and lived in a few big cities before eventually landing in Music City, USA, where she called Nashville "Home" for ten years, hanging out in
honky tonks and listening to the new country sound. (That's also where she met her War Boys and let them move their big paws and slapping tails in and they've been leaving their dog hair all over the couch and bed, ever since.)

At long last, Amy decided she'd had enough of the bright lights of the big city so she packed up her guitar and record albums (and hundreds of the War Boys' Doll Babys) and  came on home, where it all began: Back to the Susquehanna Valley, and Country 105 WILQ.

It's good to be Home!