Who’s Walkin’ Away with Boots and Loot?

Who’s Walkin’ Away with Boots and Loot?

Here are our Boots Full of Loots Winners so far!




Boot 1 – Candace C. of Cogan Station won a Gift Card From Tebb’s Brothers Landscaping, Cash & a Pair of Muck Brand Boots

Boot 2 – Colin H. of Williamsport won a D.R. Pressure Washer from CH Waltz Sons, Cash & a Pair of Irish Setter Brand Boots

Boot 3 – Amanda S. of Unityville won a Megatouch Video Console from Fast Signs, Cash & a Pair of Birkenstock Brand Boots

Boot 4- Chyleigh T. of Williamsport won a Digtial Thermostat and Furnace Cleanings from Forsburg Furnace, Cash & a Pair of Double H Brand Boots

Boot 5- Karen S. of Williamsport won a youth Crossbow from Drop Tine Archery, Cash & a Pair of Keen Brand Boots

Boot 6- Kristi N. won a Diamond Pendant from J.L.Winters, Cash & a Pair of Red Wing Brand Boots

Boot 7- Emilie L. of Montgomery won a STIHL Leafblower from Thompson’s Outdoor Equipment, Cash & a Pair of Justin Brand Boots

Boot 8- John S. of Montgomery won Vinyl Flooring from Loudenslager’s, Cash & a Pair of Ariat Brand Boots

Boot 9 – “Rusty” Beverly Jameson of Jersey Shore won A traditions 50 Caliber camo Flintlock with Pyrodex Pellets and 50 Caliber Ammo from Winner Hardware, Cash & a pair of OBOZ brand boots

Boot 10 – Chris Harper of Montgomery won a pair of Vasque Boots and CASH!