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Though saying this doesn’t mean it will happen, ,the South Williamsport School Board went ahead and voted to petition the state to allow them to go over the Act 1 index in case a tax hike is needed in the district for the 2019-2020 budget.  The Act 1 index allows the district to institute an increase of 3.2% which is .5 mills.  The district, looking at increased costs and a projected deficit of $479,000 is looking at more like a .53 mill increase.  District officials do say they have voted to go above the index 8 of the past 12 years, but have only had to go above it twice.


Watch for slippery spots this morning, especially if you live on a back street, back road or higher elevations.  The freezing cold temperatures are also causing issues with vehicles starting this morning and have also caused every area school district to decide on a two hour delay this morning with the exception of the Keystone Central District and Sugar Valley Charter School which are on two hour delays. You may want to warm up your vehicle and leave early for your destination.


Though not admitting his guilt, a Union County man did go to court to plead no contest to two counts of statutory sexual assault and will fae 4 to 20 years in prison.  29 year old William Waltman of Millmont was arrested back in December of 2017 for the summer of 2017 rapes of a 12 year old girl at least four times.  Due to the plea agreement, Waltman has had 18 other charges dropped.  He awaits a review by the sexual offenders assessment board before sentencing and remains jailed in lieu of $125,000 bail.


An Old Lycoming Township man was arrested on Friday of last week for the assault on his girlfriend which occurred earlier in the week.  Old Lycoming Police say that 20 year old Meghan McCloskey came into the department last week with contusions on her face reporting the assault by Taylor Guinter at  their Oberlin Avenue residence which took place on Wednesday.  Guinter reportedly held her down, assaulted her, smashed her cellphone and then did not let her leave for a time.  He faces 2 counts and is jailed in lieu of $35,000 bail.


The Muncy Area School District has decided that their current superintendent is the man to lead them into future which includes a planned $17 million dollar expansion at the high school.  The school board last night unanimously approved a 5 year contract extension for Dr. Craig Skaluba, following a satisfactory evaluation of his job there.  The extension brings with it a pay increase of 1 ½ percent. Skaluba will earn a salary of $133,800 dollars.


Since it’s launch on January 14th, a new tipline created by the state of Pennsylvania to pass on possible school threats was used more than 400 times in it’s first five days.  The Safe2say tipline was created by the legislature’s Act 44 with the attorney general provided $600,000 to launch it.  The attorney general’s office was not immediately prepared to detail how many of the tips revealed actual threats.  The number for the tipline is 1-844-723-3729..  the and there is also a smartphone app.


Snyder County residents are getting calls from the Sheriff’s Department there telling them, they have warrants out on them, but that a payment will make them go away, except, it’s not the sheriff’s Department calling them.  Officials say residents are receiving spoofing phone calls from the departments 570-837-3311 number and that the department does not request payment over the phone to make warrants go away.  They tell anyone if they receive a call from that number to immediately hang up and call it back to make sure you are talking to the office.