Williamsport Man Given Mitigated Sentence

Judge Marc F. Lovechio recently handed down a 1 to 3 year sentence to a Williamsport resident. Jamal Brown, 41, faced the court Friday for his involvement in a robbery homicide that occurred in in 2016. According to the sun gazette the case was likely unsolvable before Brown’s confession, and everyone including the prosecution believed that Brown was a changed man. Judge Lovechio told brown that he had made substantial strides, going as far to say he had been a role model and therefore deserved a mitigated sentence.

Possible New Casino License Auctioned Off

The Pennsylvania gaming control board recently auctioned off a mini casino license for 10 million dollars to Ira Lubert, a Philadelphia area private equity investor. Lubert does not have to name an exact location of where he plans to build until 6 months from now when the paperwork is due, but has announced a 15 mile radius in Centre County by the Unionville borough. Legally, if all goes well and the casino is constructed it can have up to 750 slot machines and 40 table games.

Felony Evasion Charges Filed

A Lancaster county resident is facing charges stemming from an incident during a traffic stop on high street. Koryna Costella was being detained and questioned about a felony offense she had on her record. According to the sun gazette it was the transfer of an illegal firearm. She then reportedly tried to flee, quickly accelerating forward before one of the 2 police officers on the scene stepped in front of the vehicle with his gun drawn, ordering her to get out. She was arrested shortly after, and is currently waiting to be arraigned in lieu of a 75,000 dollar bail.

Fentanyl Distributor Sentenced to 20 years

David Piaquadio, a 63 year old man from Galeton has been sentenced to 20 years in a federal prison after distributing narcotics that resulted in the death of one of his customers. Piaquadio was charged by Judge Christopher C. Conner after the victim who overdosed on fentanyl sold to him was found unconscious with a syringe hanging out of his right arm. According to the sun gazette, after his arrest Piaquadio confessed to authorities that he and his girlfriend sold around 120 oxycodone tablets and 10 fentanyl patches.

UPMC Death Threats

A nurse at UPMC Muncy overheard one of the patients admitted to the facility on the phone, saying that he was going to come back and shoot everyone. According to the sun gazette a second nurse also heard the threat, and was concerned because of the comments he had made earlier about owning 200 guns. An investigation was opened for Galzenlichter, the 68 year old potter county resident, and conducted by state trooper Logan webb. He eventually learned that similar threats were also made at UPMC Williamsport, where galzenlichter threatened to kill a physician. He is currently in the Lycoming county prison with a 90,000 dollar bail set.




Fridays games scores are in! Twins over tigers 2 to 0, Blue Jays over Red Sox 8 to 7, Yankees over Orioles 6 to 5, Reds over Pirates 4 to 2, Braves over Nationals 7 to 1 and Cubs over Cardinals 4 to 1.


Dallas Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory was conditionally reinstated by the NFL on Friday, and he thanked the league on social media for giving him a second chance after suspension due to multiple violations of the league’s substance-abuse policy going back to 2015.


Denver Nuggets coach Micheal Malone recently aired some frustrations with the NBA in regards to quarantine. Malone stated that the policy of not allowing coaches to bring their families into the NBA bubble is criminal in nature.