Felony Child Endangerment Charges Filed

41 year old ryan DiRicco is to appear in court on the 25th of this month. Back in October a state trooper pulled over DiRicco with 3 children in the passenger seat after failing to make a complete stop at a red light. When confronted by law enforcement it was found that he had a warrant and seemed visually impaired. After a field sobriety test he was taken to nittany medical center for a blood test. After a month the results came back showing that he had a substantial amount of methamphetamine in his system. He has been charged with 3 counts of felony endangerment.

COVID-19 Vaccine in the Works

The US is currently seeing a second surge of cases, with PA reaching a total of 254,387 cases to date with 9,274 deaths. Lycoming counties total cases have reached 1300 cases with 30 deaths, a much milder number than high density places. Months of grim news around the virus have left many tired with the hysteria as the months march on, but there is actually some promising news as of now. A covid vaccine is in the works and is currently reported to be about 90% effective. While that’s an amazing thing, and is a refreshing hint of optimism there are still challenges ahead. Even if the vaccine is ready to go, and safe to use for the masses, there is still a question of scalability and distribution. Billions of units will need to be produced.

City Hall Relocation

City Hall is in the process of being relocated and many places are being considered for its new address. According to North Central one of the places being considered is the Building 1of the trade and transit center on west third street. The only issue is theat the community theatre league is already located there. Supporters of the theatre were taken aback by the news at first, and rightfully so. In response to the local outrage, Williamsport city councilman adam yoder released a statement saying the final decision of the location has yet to be made and that the theatre league will be kept in the loop regarding the location. The Community theatre league is still on the lst of possibilities and may have to relocate.

Home Invader Stabbed

37 Year old Robert J. Harer is being charged with felony burglary after allegedly breaking into a Campbell street home in Williamsport. When police arrived on scene to the residence 2 witnesses told police that Harer had forced his way into their apartment and began yelling and swinging a knife. In fear of their lives, one of them swung back with a pocket knife stabbing Harer and cutting his hand, which successfully made him leave the residence. He has been in the Lycoming county prison since Wednesday with a 100,000 dollar bail.



HS Soccer Tournament


Williamsport – 0

Cumberland Valley – 1

AA Boys

Lewisburg – 4

Notre Dame Green Pond – 0

AAAA Womens

Williamsport – 0

Parkland – 3

AAA Womens

Bloomsburg – 1

Wyomissing – 0

HS Football Tournament


Danville – 42

Archbishop Carroll – 21


Southern Columbia – 57

Richland – 30